Freitag, 26. April 2013

coming soon...

I'm working on some stuff and I'm really exited to tell you about it, but it have to wait a few more days. So, just in case someone is reading my blog, it's coming....soon!


Dienstag, 12. März 2013

chalkboardpaint experiment

Ok, another post. I think I have to share what I did the last year, and I did a lot. I always knew that I was going to post again so I documented what I did. This thing is a christmas gift from my brother, he gave it to me 2011. It was in my bedroom since then and really dusty...

I saw all of the awsome pins flying around on pinterest and thought to give it a try at last. My own chalkboard paint! (after tons of homemade chalkpaint, beacause annie sloane isn't willing to ship to germany yet ;) )

Here's with what I started

first coat homemade chalkpaint ( recipe coming soon )

DIY Glittermushroom

After a long time, I'm was a reeeeaally  long time and a lot to handle..but it's ok now and I can go on with my blog. And here I'm coming up with a bit of spring in my home.

So, let's start!