Dienstag, 12. März 2013

DIY Glittermushroom

After a long time, I'm back...it was a reeeeaally  long time and a lot to handle..but it's ok now and I can go on with my blog. And here I'm coming up with a bit of spring in my home.

So, let's start!
Here we go, i found this Mushroom at our Dollarstore for 0,50 Euro. In Autumn I liked it in this beautiful brown but now I thought I had to add some *WOW*

I started with Glue from my kids, our normal schoolglue here in Germany. And didn't know what I was going to do, because I had a ton of Glitter in different colors and shapes on hand

so I starded adding my red Glitter over a plate, because I promissed my fiance to don't do a hell of a mess on the tabele...last time we found the Glitter weeks after my Project :D

Let dry for about an hour. I went outside and blew the Glitter with didn't stick away. I tell you, it's better to do so, if not, you will have a home of Glitter, too! ;)
And here it is, my first touch of spring and color.

Hope you enjoyed...see you soon.


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