Dienstag, 12. März 2013

chalkboardpaint experiment

Ok, another post. I think I have to share what I did the last year, and I did a lot. I always knew that I was going to post again so I documented what I did. This thing is a christmas gift from my brother, he gave it to me 2011. It was in my bedroom since then and really dusty...

I saw all of the awsome pins flying around on pinterest and thought to give it a try at last. My own chalkboard paint! (after tons of homemade chalkpaint, beacause annie sloane isn't willing to ship to germany yet ;) )

Here's with what I started

first coat homemade chalkpaint ( recipe coming soon )

i'm sorry but I didn't took a picture of the before, but I tell you it was a ugly, non shiny and non pretty goldish thing...
now, while the frame was drying,
 i mixed my chalkpaint with:

1 cup of acrylic paint
1/2 cup of plaster

mix very well with brush or spoon.

i addes a semithick coat 

this is finally dryied chalkboard paint. it took a while wich surprised me, because i was thinking of my chalkpaint...anyway,  it dryied really slow, it took about 2 hours.

When it was ready i gave it a nice coat of chalk wich i just rubbed over it and wiped it of then. now it was ready to use, so went on with the frame.

because of my non-sanding-lazyness philosophy *haha*, i had to add three coats for a nice look before i started to distress it. 

i did it very lightly because the coat of "gold" didn't seem very thick, and i didn't want to sand this off, too.

just a bit here and there an TADAAA

i love the way the color turned out!
but i dont know if i use it as a chalkboard or as a frame, i like the idea of putting pictures in it and add the glass...i let you know and show you the place where it's going to make me feel happy :)


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